At home remedies like losing weight can help men achieve the look of a larger penis. Additional at home remedies include: penis exercise, applying enlargement creams, or using a penis pump. Men who do not achieve desired results with this at home remedy can consider using an alternative option – such as an enlargement surgery.

Surgical procedures are harsh options that can be painful. Surgery s intended to cut open the skin and place devices in the penis that help make the penis look enlarged. However, this procedure can cause complications and side effects.

After surgery has taken place – the surgeon may have to prescribe pain pills to relieve pain for the next few days. The penis may appear swollen and sensitive for several days as well.  After the healing process is over- you may have scaring. This can look unsightly and unattractive.

A penis enlargement surgery can cost thousands of dollars, pain, scarring and side effects can occur. Men who do not want to use such a harsh treatment can consider an alternative option known as male enhancement pills.

A term that is applied to male enhancement products is sex pills. This is because the pills are marketed to improve sexual health issues. Many supplements have been marketed to enhance libido, optimize erections, boost pleasure, and increase hardness. Most men who take male enhancements have been shown to have an overall improvement in their sexual performance, especially when some products can offer results in less than one hour and can last up to 24 hours.

The best options on the market that are less harsh approaches for men with sexual health issues are those that that do not contain the substance Yohimbe. This ingredient has been associated with negative side effects†. To learn more about these negative side effects, please visit websites like

There are reviews posted on the web that talk about different products that contain natural ingredients. Reviews of natural products can help men view products that contain the ingredient Yohimbe, versus products that do not. However, some products do not supply an ingredient list online.

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